About Terry Halliday Productions

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Terry Halliday Productions is a safe space for children and families. Where we encourage and support growth, healing and self-expression through music and movement.  


Terry Halliday Productions is a family run business that was founded in 2004 by Terry Halliday Meaney and his partner Brooke Webb. Initially teaching from their size restricted home, it didn’t take long for the word to get out and for business to grow, fast. 

Terry and Brooke purpose built their first teaching space and rehearsal studio in Manly Vale in 2009, however they quickly out grew these facilities before relocating to the current location Brookvale in 2012. 

After Terry’s unexpected death in 2014, Brooke and their sons Benjamin & Fynnlay were presented with the question of whether to keep the business running without its name sake and primary tutor. After discussions with staff and the student body, the decision was made to keep the doors open to continue to enjoy and make music and to laugh loudly in memory of Terry. With this, the Terry Halliday Productions musical family including students, their families and staff bonded together to heal and grow. 

Through personal experience, research, study and training the THP Team have learned much about the healing of the heart, mind and body and how expression through music and movement is hugely beneficial to health and wellness and are committed to continue to share the healing and health benefits that music, movement and mindset can provide.

The Terry Halliday Productions team are dedicated to consistently upgrading skills and qualifications to offer a more wholistic range of music, movement and wellness options for every member of your family. 

It is our core belief that through music, movement and mindset all humans can fully live their very best life.

Mission Statement

  • To provide a fun, safe environment for children and families. 
  • To provide a range of play activities that encourage children of all ages to discover and learn.
  • To provide a variety of music and movement activities that encourage children of all ages to express themselves confidently.
  • To provide opportunities for all students to have a voice, to be listened to and to have their input and feedback incorporated. 
  • To act with honesty and openness and make decisions that are ethical and fair. 
  • To recognise the diversity and cultures within our community and embrace the rights of all children.
  • To encourage and support growth, healing and self-expression through music and movement, not only to our student body but for their entire family unit.
  • To recruit and keep the best people to work with families and children. 
  • To value our staff and invest in their professional development to ensure we keep children safe.
  • To put children and their well being first in everything we do. 

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